Restoration Division of Diesel Cast Welding

Very Valuable Antiques and Classics Repaired

DCW has always worked with collectors of beautiful, older classic farm equipment. The engine parts are out of production and hard to find or repair. With 83 years of experience and extraordinary welding ability, we understand all of the engines and the repairs for our specialty areas of cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts, connecting rods, and all other parts that can be restored by welding.

The best way to show our capabilities is with two examples:

On a 60 year old farm tractor two piston heads had cracked- we were able to weld them to new quality.
On a 55 year old foreign auto the diesel engine block cracked- with our welding techniques, we restored the block to new quality.

The procedure is simple:

You or your mechanic calls us to explain the problem.
We research the repair, and prepare an initial estimate for you- subject to actually seeing the item.
Once we have examined your item, we contact you with a firm cost and approx. service time.
You make the decision.

Call Us!

Call with serial numbers, or make sure it is on your order, to assure we ship the correct components.