Thank You for the opportunity to introduce our company

We are Diesel Cast Welding in Blaine, MN and Portland, OR. For 83 years, we have specialized in aftermarket manufacturing new and remanufactured heavy duty Diesel Cylinder Heads, Engine Blocks, Crank Shafts, Connecting Rods, and related items with over 70 employees in our own factories.

World Class Diesel Specialists

We supply heavy duty diesel users: over the road trucks, construction, agricultural, marine, mining, oil, electrical generation, industrial, and logging.

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Specialty Divisions

We have an antique & classic Restoration Division and a Compact Engine Division. Our Repair Division helps mechanics find difficult, older items.

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Our Guarantee & OEM Warranty

Our aftermarket products are recognized by OEM Dealers, Repair Shops, Distributors, and Government Agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada. All of our products carry OEM level warranty.

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Factory Direct & Fast Shipping

Factory direct-to-you prices, all produced in our own factories, by our own people. No middle men to assure we control quality. We offer the quickest shipping –– our products are in stock for immediate delivery!


Diesel Cast Welding produces new and remanufactured cylinder heads, engine blocks, connecting rods, crankshafts and also can repair these broken parts! Diesel Cast started remanufacturing cores and repairing diesel cast parts 84 years ago in 1936. Our work has always been produced to OEM standards and warranties. Diesel Cast Welding continuously receives calls for a wide variety of diesel engines. There are over 250 diesel engine manufacturers with over 25,000 engine models, series, castings and other variations. Also, since diesel engines last for twenty to thirty years many models are not supported by the OEM manufacturer. Because of this extraordinary array, we can only stock about two thousand of the most popular models. However, Diesel Cast Welding can also repair all of these items for customers at half the cost of a new OEM item. And all of these products are produced at OEM standards and warranties.